A Smashing Success!

Our 12th Annual Women’s Retreat was a smashing success.

About 100 women from parishes throughout Michigan gathered to listen to the knowledge that Marybeth Hicks, our guest speaker, had to impart. There was something for everyone – Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, Aunts, Teachers, Coaches…all wanting to know how to be better Catholic women, thus better Catholic examples, in today’s troubling culture.

Keri Tarrant, the other speaker of the day, was a delightful, bubbly, reverent lover of Jesus. Her presentation – finding Jesus through Mary – provided the spiritual connection that women who attend a Catholic retreat are looking for.

The frosting on the cake was the adoration/reconciliation time. The visual presence of priests in all 4 corners of our beautiful Church, openly hearing the confessions of women devoted to their faith enough to spend a beautiful fall day at a retreat, was touching. Add to that the sacred music playing in the background and the majestic Blessed Sacrament on the altar, and the holiness of the moment lingered in the air like incense during benediction.

Thanks to the guys from That Man Is You, who spent a big chunk of their Saturday serving us lunch and cleaning up afterwards. Thanks also to the 5 marvelous priests, especially Father Michael, who gave of their precious time and energies.

But above all…a big thank you to Sue Wright and Lin Emmert who gave endlessly to make this event the best it could be. And it was!

Judy Evans